Setting up Flow Workflow to send out internal email

Setting up Flow Workflow to send out internal email

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Hey there, 


I'm looking for some help on setting up a workflow that extract data of unfilled orders that fall within the specified time frame set up in the workflow. The extracted information should consist of the order number, SKU, vendor part number, product name, quantity, and order fulfillment status.


Here is what my flow looks like: 



The outcome of this flow, sent to my email as schedule doesn't make any sense. And I know I'm missing couple of things in the flow because the email only consists of the customer name and address, which is something I'm not really looking for as an outcome of this Flow.


Can anyone please help me setup the correct Flow sequence. To give you guys a better understanding of what I want this Workflow to do... 



^this is what I want to see in my email when the flow runs as scheduled.


Thank you everyone for you help 🙂



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