Setup Adword Conversion Tracker in Google Tag manager

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Hi, Im setting up Adword Conversion Tracker in Google Tag manager in Shopify Site.

However seem something is missing and I dont know what to do.

Can someone help me a bit? Thanks.


Current Situation:

I setup GTM.

I inserted GTM code in "Online Store" ->"Preference" ->"Additional Google Analytics JavaScript"


In GTM, I created a tag "Adwords Conversion Traacking"

I inserted Conversion ID & Label correctly.

I inserted Currency code.

Triggering I set the page URL contain "thank_you"


Q1. How about Conversion Value & Order ID? What should I insert?

Q2. Do I need to create any variable about that?

Q3. Do I need to insert any code in checkout script to fire datalayer ?



Thank you very much.







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Hi Henry, Any reason you're trying to implement it with GTM? You can add the conversion pixel directly by following the steps mentioned here.

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They have very useful content regarding your queries.