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I am using the Dawn theme for my site ( and I have an email newsletter signup form at in the footer of my page. I'd like to encourage users to sign up through social media posts and other channels outside of Shopify so it would be helpful to have a link to send, however I can't figure out how the best way to access this. Would I need to create a separate page to sign up or is there a better way?

For reference, I am using the Shopify email app only and no third-party mailing service (MailChimp, etc).

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You'll want to create a special landing page just for the email sign-up form. That way you'll be able to make it look awesome, give it a headline, write some copy to further encourage folks to sign up, etc.

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Hi @halfsize_girl,

This is Richard from PageFly Landing Page Builder.


You can create a landing page to feature your newsletter and drive traffic to that page through social media. But you will need to invest time in building that page and making it look impressive to attract visitors' attention.


You can consider the second way - make the newsletter form more visible on homepage. 

- You can move the form to the hero banner on the homepage and call people for signing up.

- Or you also can create a pop-up that appears when visitors come to your homepage. As I know, this is achievable with Dawn theme but needs to use custom code. So you should contact the theme support team for help.


Hope it helps!

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What social networks do you have a presence on?  For example, if you have an engaged social following on Instagram, you could use a giveaway as an incentive to join your email list.


This works especially well on Instagram since there are a lot of users and you need to capture attention in engaging ways, so they don't just scroll past you. Here's a case study example.


As others have mentioned, you also could create a landing page for your newsletter, but it's just not going to get many opt-ins without an incentive. If you don't already have a pop-up on your site, you could use Shopify Forms or another pop-up option with a discount for joining your list. 

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@popsmash  Thanks for the info. Yes, I know I need to make an incentive to join the mailing list- that's already the plan, but I can't do that until I have somewhere to direct them 😉 

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Commenting because I'd like to be able to create a dedicated landing page as well. I made one in Wordpress but now I've switched to Shopify and hope they will make it possible.