Shop not showing up in google at all?

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So my website has now officially been open for just under a week with over 1000 visitors currently through a strong marketing campaign and have already made my first sale [very exciting]. Im now focusing efforts on SEO optimisation. From what I can see my website isnt even listed on google? I used multiple sites to try and verify this such as however it is saying my website is not listed. I have submitted my sitemap and scheduled a crawl through googles web tools and still has not popped up on google as of yet. How ever this was only done within the past 4-5 hours. Given that the website has been up for a week already though I would have thought that it would at least be somewhere on google. Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas!

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A week is still too soon and those "SEO" or marketing tools that are freely available on the Internet are as valuable as the price you pay for them. I've been a digital marketing consultant for fifteen years and I still to this day do nearly every metric research process manually. 

Having said that you can verify that your website is being indexed in one of two ways. 

1.) Use Google Webmaster Tools - It will tell you how many of the pages within your submitted sitemap have been indexed. 

2.) Google "" and you'll see something like this:

It looks like at least about 10 pages of your website have been indexed. If you've only been open for a week this could be about right. There are ways to force a set amount of pages to be indexed and there are reasons why some pages may not be indexable. You'll need the help of a pro if you want to dig into those routes but for now you should slowly see new pages indexed over time.