Shop owners with medium/large average order sizes, are your sales affected recently?

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Hi guys, I've got an eCommerce store which sells kids furniture and has an average basket size of approx. £300. Sales are struggling at the moment (likely due to coming recession) so I'm trying to kick start things again.

I'm trying to understand more from some e-commerce store owners which also have largish average order sizes to see if you've been equally affected.

Specifically, I'm trying to understand more about:
- how you optimise your customer conversion
- how you consider new payment methods to increase conversion (such
as Buy Now Pay Later),
- Offer and discounts you put on to increase conversion, and
- how you manage your inventory efficiently to reduce costs.

As well as my e-commerce store I'm a fully qualified accountant, so happy to help you out with any e-commerce finance questions you may have to return the favour.

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Hi,  I dont really offer/or have large basket sizes (in fact my store and site is only 3 weeks old - we have however been on Etsy for over a year and have done extremely well there)...  On etsy customers can pay with Klarna which is a payment service that allows customers to break a payment into 3 - unfortunately Shopify dont offer this yet, but they do allow you to intergrate 'Laybuy' which is a similar thing - I have just added it to my site


As my site is new, I cant comment really on how customers interact with it, the only thing I can tell you is that it was on my site in less than 4 days and they have added my link to their site (so good for seo too)....  its been rather painless set up so I hope this helps