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Hi guys,

So, I run and manage Facebook ads for many of my Shopify client. A few days back, I notice that there's a inconsistent difference in the data of Shopify analytics and Facebook pixel data. 

To make this more clear, I'll share an example with you people. On the Facebook pixel, it shows up 497 Add to Carts and on Shopify analytics, it shows up around 227 add to carts only in the same data range. How come this is possible when pixel is successfully placed and events are being triggered properly? 

Let me know if anyone of you can give me the reasons behind the happening. Is it normal to notice such differences? 

In case you people suggest me to check the code, I don't think there's any problem with code however I can share the store URL with you and you can inspect the code. 

Looking forward for help.


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Hi Sarthak, 


It has to do with the way attribution is computed. The reality is that each platform has its own attribution model - for google they likely use as base case 7 day view and 30 day click or something to that effect. Advertising platforms are particularly egregious when it comes to that as they always try to pad their numbers. A lot of people have decided to just rely on a single platform's number (i.e., facebook numbers to run facebook stuff, and google numbers for google stuff). This is particularly obvious when after installing the pixel for Fb and Google Ads and adding up the "conversions" only to have those = to 120% of what is shown in Shopify. I found this frustrating enough to try to something about it...basically creating a fair attribution and conversion measurement tool that ties all my conversion to my sales in Shopify. Obviously, it's a matter of preference as to what you end up doing about it, but if you feel the way I do, you can check out what me and my team came up with here: 


Good luck!



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