Shopify Analytics - marketing channels

Shopify Analytics - marketing channels

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Hi there I was wondering if there is any way I can get a more detailed insight as to where sales are coming from? Or are there any specific reports that show i.e. if sales are coming from Mailchimp, google Ads, organic search etc? I don't have advanced analytics - please provide me with more insights as to how I can get this data. Thank you

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Hello manekakknowle,

Thanks for your query.

Shopify analytics is for basic report which is mandatory to know for a store owner. 

As you mention you want detailed advance analytics to get insights of your clients you may try google analytics 4.


Integrating Google analytics 4 ga4 you can:

1. Track the customer events(view content, add to cart, checkout, purchase)

2. session/traffic source medium (whether from facebook or google, google organic, referral)

3. source of traffic and so on.


you can implement the google analytics 4 (GA4) through google Tag manager(GTM)

if you have question to implement the GA4 on Shopify store feel free to ask. i would be glad to answer you.

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Thank you I did try to install this however it is just prompting me to choose a trial plan however when I click on activate it doesn't do anything. It loads and takes me back to the same page: 

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You can use Google Analytics 

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Hi Manekakknowle,


Shopify analytics its pretty basic and its usually not a good (enough) solution for stores that are searching for that extra edge that comes with a good understanding of whats happening in thei webstore, with the products and users/customers. GA can be an option but its still not built for Shopify/ecommerce, another option are apps that are built for this purpose, combining data from Shopify database with data from web site tracking giving a better insight. Such an app is ours, Datma, you can take a look at this free (no sign-in/registration) demo: , also a 30 day free trial is available if you want to try it out with your own stores data.



Peter @ Datma

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Hi @manekakknowle


SociFind could be very useful to you!  We analyse what pages users are sharing to others, and how many conversions you get from those shares! We also offer you the ability to give discount codes to people that share your products - so you can create influencers for your website!


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Instead f the reports section in the analytics tab, check out the marketing tab and then scroll down to marketing channels. I find this gives a better picture of where traffic is coming from. Also, make sure you have UTM's setup on all inbound link from ads and email. Then you can use Shopify Flow to tag orders from specific campaigns so you can see where sales are coming from.