Shopify Automation or Third Party App for Variant-Specific Sale Follow Up

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We sell wallpaper and want to send an automated follow-up email to only those who have completed a purchase for a wallpaper SAMPLE (this is the size variant they select on the product page... so the automation needs to be variant-specific). I haven't found a way to do this in Shopify Marketing Automations... does anyone know if there's a way? Or a third party app?


To clarify, each of our product listings have several variants for the size (sample, 2' x 4' panel, 2' x 6' panel, etc). We only want to send emails to those that have completed a purchase of the SAMPLE variant and who we hope will loop back to purchase the PANEL variant.


Site is if you need to see what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help!

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Couple ideas:


A) If you're able to upload customer lists into your shopify marketing automations, you could use Order Automator to tag customers as they purchase. For example if customer purchases a specific variant (and optionally other conditions) you can tag them. You can have it run in real time or do a bulk process (say at the first of the month process all customers from the previous month).


Then you can upload only those tagged customers into whatever email software you're using.


B) Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing software I've used to do that type of thing (example, X days after purchase send an email to customers that purchased Y).

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Thank you - I wish this was a Shopify option... the tagging would be pretty time intensive. But I did a quick search re: Klaviyo and it looks like it may be an option using their software! Appreciate your help!