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Shopify Average Store Traffic

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I'm conducting a feasibility report for one of my university courses in which we're opening up a Shopify store. I'm attempting to forecast sales for the first year so I was wondering if there was any statistics on the monthly/yearly traffic for an average Shopify store. I understand that the conversion rate varies, but will usually be from 1-3% for new stores. I was hoping someone could give me input in this matter, especially regarding the traffic for average Shopify store.


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Shopify definitely have the data given they use cards on dashboards that benchmark a store's traffic against others who've been open for a similar length of time. No idea what your exact answer is though. You could roll the dice with your question by asking Shopify support. Otherwise, I was thinking keep it more general by finding some averages for ecommerce, stepping up in categories until you get something. I think it will actually be quiet low given how easy it is to open a store (minimal barrier to entry.)

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