Shopify dataLayer ecomm_prodid having a US parameter even though the shop has no connection to US

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So the issue includes a Shopify store, connected to a Google Merchant account, and Google ads. The problem starts with the GADS REM tag being unable to match ecomm_prodids, which is reasonable since they, well, don't match.
An example of an ecomm_prodid is from the merchant center is "shopify_AT_8080110125363_44260988256563". While the example of an ecomm_prodid from the dataLayer is "shopify_US_8080110125363_44260988256563". Same same but not the same (AT is replaced by US). And that doesn't make any sense, since the store has nothing to do with the US.
I've checked the google shopping channel settings and there's no mention of the US anywhere. The same goes for the Merchant center, which uses the feed to sell products in Austria (AT).
So where the hell does this dataLayer data comes from? Where can I change these settings, so the ecomm_prodids will match, and I'll be able to use the feed for dynamic RM?

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I have seen this issue before, however don't remember what steps my client did to resolve it.


I think he changed the store default currency, then deleted the app and re-enabled the app. But it was a while ago so not sure if these are the only steps.


I recommend talking directly to Shopify support, as it is technically a bug.

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