Shopify Email - can't select subscribers. All options are grayed out...?

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I'm trying to compose a newsletter to send out tomorrow morning, but when I go to select a subscriber group all the options are grayed out (except for repeat customers and prospects)! It won't let me select All Subscribers. Does anybody know why this might be happening???

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Hi Katie,

Is your store quite new? I see that Shopify email has some limitations for some stores:

"Some stores might be limited to sending 2,500 emails per campaign. If you want to increase the limit up to 40,000 emails per campaign, then make sure that your store has published products, paid invoices, and positive email engagement from the subscribers that are currently receiving your email campaigns."

I recommend using an app - third party email provider - to create, customize and send out emails. The best email marekting email provider for Shopify from our standpoint is Klaviyo. I would gladly help with any further questions about Klaviyo.

Thank you,

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I have problems using Shopify Email so I use the Seguno app and love it!

Good luck!

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Have you sent out a newsletter before, @Katie_G_? It's likely Shopify is doing you good by limiting the number of people you can email. You can kill your deliverability as emails get unopened or marked as spam if you've rarely emailed that many people before. You want to warm up your list first by setting expectations and emailing them on a predictable basis. From there, you're likely able to email more people.

A 30% open-rate is a good indicator your email list is engaged, but be aware this is going to change with iOS 15 as open rates become more unreliable.

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