Re: Shopify Email: "50% of your emails were not sent"

Shopify Email: "50% of your emails were not sent"

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Hi all,


Have you guys ever encountered the above issue when sending with Shopify Email? Last Friday (December 2), after more than a year of not sending any email campaigns to my subscribers, I sent an email announcing the launch of some new products.


I sent to the "All Subscribers" list created by Shopify's in-built email marketing tool, and apparently, a lot of people marked my email as spam, so Shopify stopped sending the email.


I've never encountered an issue like this before. Then again, I rarely send email campaigns. Nevertheless, I'd be super grateful for any advice you might have!




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this is a common issue faced by email marketers. If your emails are marked as spam, you won't be able to send more!

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You can try to change multiple email titles and start A/B testing for your news later.

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