Re: Shopify email service: pros, cons, other options?

Shopify email service: pros, cons, other options?

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I would appreciate hearing about your experiences with Shopify's marketing email service. Also, if you use a different one please share about that one. Thanks! 

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Tried the Mailchamp?

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Shopify Email is solid, especially if you're new to email marketing. It's simple, which is great for beginners. It's also cheap: the first 10k sends per month are free.


As you get more advanced, you can switch to something more complex later, but Shopify Email is a good place to start. For context, my wife's store is 6 years old, and she still uses Shopify Email after switching from Constant Contact a couple of years ago.

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Hi Popsmash,  

I am new to Shopify too. Have used Constant Contact with our old website for many years. Did you wife export all of her contacts from CC to Shopify? I have done that and am just about ready to send my first email through Shopify. Hoping to save a little money by  cancelling my CC account. 

One thing I read is: "Email hosting isn't provided on Shopify. If you have a Shopify-managed domain, and you want to send an email message from your custom domain email address, then you need to use a third-party email hosting service."  I'm assuming this just means that if I reply to a forwarded email the recipient will see my actual email address, not the custom domain address. Any other reason to have a third-party email hosting service?


Thanks for any advice!