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Shopify Experts is a scam - beware!

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With low sales, I figured I'd go for one of Shopify's "Experts", that was supposed to give me a professional assessment of my store.

This was done on April 17th, and the "Expert", called "Tabarnapp" (whatever that is) was fully authorized to log in to my store as admin on April 18th.

April 22nd, and "Tabarnapp" hasn't even tried to log in once. I write to Shopify, which supposedly contacts "Tabarnapp", who writes apologizing, and promising they'll get on to it during the week.

Obviously, nothing became of it, so May 4th I contact Shopify again, explaining that their "Expert" hasn't even logged in to my site, and that I just wanted a refund, considering the service is little more than a scam at this point.

I'm now on the 3rd Shopify rep. and now they're claiming Shopify has nothing to do with the "Shopify Experts", and that I should take this up with "Tabarnapp", who I don't know, and who I never willingly hired.

This is very, very sleazy, and doesn't look for Shopify at all.

I just want my $40 back, and Shopify is giving me the runaround. Shameful.



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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Alexandre. 

This is Martha from the Shopify Team. I'm sorry to hear that you've run into some issues with an Expert that you've hired, that definitely sounds frustrating. 

I wanted to first clarify the relationship between Shopify and Shopify Experts. Experts are companies and people that have worked on multiple Shopify stores and have applied to be listed as Experts. Experts are third parties who specialize in working with Shopify but are not direct employees of Shopify.

That being said, if you (or anyone else reading this) is having an issue with an Expert, please do let us know. Sending an email with the specifics to will allow us to dig into the issue and go through the necessary steps to help out. 

We do have a ticket (email thread) being reviewed by our team here for you Alexandre, so please expect a reply with more info as soon as they are able. 

Please let us know if you need any more info or help. 


Max | Shopify 
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Thanks for your reply.

I do understand Experts are not employees, but they are affiliated to you, and since you are the entity charging me for their services, you're the one I have to talk to regarding billing matters, and the service provided (or lack of). May I remind you I didn't chose any specific "Expert", Shopify did. So, I'm just buying a service from YOU, who in turn allocated my job to someone i don't know, and then when sh*t happens, I'm supposed to take it up with that person, who's so far failed miserably to communicate with me?

I sincerely recommend you revise the Experts thing, as that Tabernapp person/company is a joke. If you don't want to be liable, don't charge us directly and have your "Experts" sell their services directly.

I haven't received any response from you guys so far, BTW.



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I can relate to your bad experience.

there’s one thing I have realized is that these so called experts could very well potentially be scammers in disguise.

I’ve heard of many stores complaining that they have traffic but no sales…. many checkout abandonments and very low google ranking which can surely be blamed on poor web design or niche.

But what many store owners don’t realize is that when you give experts access to your store, they also have access to the site’s code …

And with this, with the excuse of helping you, they can also modify your code to do anything they want ….. from redirecting your client sales to one of their check outs to collecting your customer’s informations etc… 

I’ve always wondered why these so called experts are so willing to « help » with any little issue…. No job is too small type of thing!!! Lol

The best thing is to not give acess to anyone and learn to code yourself…. Put that 6 months in learning HTML/CSS/Java and you can then do whatever you want! It’s not as hard as many would want you to think.

Go with this guy … in a matter of a month and a half I learned how to make a full web site which is much more knowledge than you need to make your own store modifications!!!