Shopify Limitations? Image Issues

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Hello All,

I'm working on the SEO and page speed of a site and I'm having a hard time dealing with the images, for now I have three main issues.

1. Running the site through YSlow and Dev.Google, there is a compression issue; aren't images gziped automatically in shopify? If not how am I to add the code? I tried a few things and it did not work, a tried and tested solution would be awesome.

2. There is also a resizing issue - YSlow warns that I should not size the images in HTML but I have no idea on how to fix that. I can't do it from the code editor on the product page because that only shows content in that box. I changed the image's original size to a smaller one and that hasen't alleviated anything either.

3.Can I add title tags to product images? I know how to do this if an image is in the content box b/c then I have access to the code editor. I also know alt tags are possible. 

Thanks in advance for any responses/ resources.


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