Shopify on subdomain - whats the best way to implement Google Analytics?

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I have a domain, let's say This is an old website with Google Analytics tracking set up.

I am now building my Shopify store, which I will place on

I know where I can add the tracking code in Shopify settings, but thinking more on how to set it up in Google Analytics. Should the new be a new property? or a new view under my current tracking?

Any tips on best practice regarding this is very welcome!

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Hi Barr,

I would suggest going for a new view instead of a property. It's always nice to keep the data in a single place and then create views/filters as per requirement. Here's a guide we referred when faced with the same problem:

Hope this helps! 🙂

- Divya

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Hi Barr,

If you setup a different property, you will have different tracking IDs and hence you'll be banging you're head as visitors cross between primary and sub domains.

Make it the same property and setup views to collate both sub and primary domain. Session unification becomes much easier. Then have another view for the store ONLY.

For help with this and more in getting your setup spick and span, see my analytics guide:

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