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Shopify Organization Tags help with SEO?

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Hey everyone,

For each product, Shopify has a feature where we can add tags into the interface I'm talking the tags section directly underneath the product tags, vendors, and collections input sections on the right side of the screen.

These tags look to be primarily for search (why they do not have instant search beats me), but I was wondering if they are also useful for on-page SEO.  For instance, if I added the tag "vintage leather soccerball" in this section to one of my products, would this consequently rank me higher for those terms? Or is this section of the page a strictly internal organization opportunity?

I am excluding title tags, descriptions, alt tags, etc. here.  Just wondering about this specific section.

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Hi @Fogle ,


Yes, the Tags you are referring to are for internal organization of products. You can use later use these tags to create filtering menus inside collection pages later. 


This will help with the user experience of your site.




Talk soon,