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Shopify Reports for Discount Codes?

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Our Shopify store currently has full access to the reports with an Unlimited account plan.

We recently ran a discount code for a retailer as a promotion, and we're trying to draw up a report to reflect the sales resulting from the promotion. From what we can tell, there seems to be no way to draw up a report that filters via a discount code. We can filter through our actual store orders, and do exports through there, but the transaction history export is so muddled, that we just create more work for ourselfs. We see no reason as to why we can't create a sales report, and filter based off of a discount code being used. Or if we filtered based on order tags, and we simply tagged all of the orders that used that code.

Perhaps we're just missing it, but I would love some help/feedback on the topic.


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Cameron, get enhanced ecommerce analytics for Google Analytics then use the coupon code reporting. The segmentation potential is powerful too. Mix and match coupon codes with any analytics data. Coupon usage by region, day, engagement on the site, etc...

If you want to get the most out of your analytics setup, refer to my guide:

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Hi Cameron,

My name is Ardiane, a Guru here at Shopify!

I would recommend installing the DeepMine app for this store. With this app, it allows you to sift, sort and analyse orders via discount codes as well as other things. They also provide support to merchants through their support and sales contact information:

Phone: 707-676-3474



Hope that helps you out!

- Ardiane 🙂

Ardiane | Shopify 
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I'm also looking for more diagnostics on my discount codes. Why is the Shopify answer always to spend more money on apps. Some of the reporting should just be available, especially with a premium account.

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Hi all,

I thought that some of you may be interested to know that our app Better Reports now includes a built-in reports that shows the total sales per discount code.

It shows the total amount and number of orders per code. In addition it can also be broken down by date or any other field if needed.


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Hello @Cameron8,

If you are still looking for a solution, Report Pundit can fetch Sales by discount code report. You can filter and view/export the report based on a specific discount code.

We have a pre-created  "Sales by discount" report. Additionally, we can create custom reports as well. You can also create reports to see how much revenue was forgone due to discounts.

Contact our live support for help in creating reports


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