Shopify's attribution model

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Shopify usually associates an utm campaign to every order. I'd like to know what attribution model does Shopify use in order to decide what channel or campaign generates the conversion.


Thank you for your help.

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Does no one know anything about this?

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I believe Shopify uses a last touch attribution model for its attribution dashboard. If you are interested in more advanced marketing attribution I would recommend using a tool like ThoughtMetric ( It is a marketing attribution tool designed for ecommerce and it supports all of the major attribution models (first touch, last touch, linear, time decay, etc).

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I still not able to understand this model and want to understand this for xxxtentacion merch that was my site on wordpress and I want to convert it on shopify.

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By default Shopify uses last-touch conversion, this means that any purchase your customer makes will be fully attributed to the channel that directly lead to their conversion. Shopify also allows you to do first-touch conversion which fully attributes the purchase to the first marketing touchpoint in the customer's journey.

Though Shopify doesn't offer it there are other attribution models like Linear-Touch, Time Decay, and Algorithmic Attribution offered by companies like Google Analytics and ThoughtMetric that might be better for your needs if you're looking for a more holistic approach to marketing attribution.