Shopify site not showing in real time - GA4

Shopify site not showing in real time - GA4

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I have installed GA4 on the website. The code is placed under the head section, but it is not detected in tag assistant. Because of that In real time ga4, no update.

Kindly help me to sort out this problem.

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@anuragseo If you use the online store channel, then Live View gives you a real-time view of the activity on your store. Click Here.

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Hope you are talking about Google Analytics Live View in real-time. What about the GA4 code installation detection? It is not tracking in tag assistant.

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Hello @anuragseo,

Gina here from flareAI.


I am suggesting a few things you can try. Hope it will help you solve the issue.


Make sure you added the tags correctly. Maybe try removing and adding one more time. The tag requires precise formatting in order to work.


Ensure you are not making any mistakes while adding the code.


1. Copy the tag and paste it directly onto your Shopify theme editor.

2. Make sure no extra whitespace got added to the tags
3. Make sure that the "G-" ID in GA matches what is on your website.
4. Check the Google Analytics Real-Time report by following these steps: 
    > Sign in to Google Analytics
    > Navigate to your view
    > Click on Reports
    > Click Real-Time
See whether you are able to see the reports with some data like users, sessions, visited pages, etc in the Realtime overview section. If you are seeing data the tag is added correctly.

If none of these worked refer to this documentation on troubleshooting the issue or contact the GA support team.

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