Shopify store is slow to load and I found the answer

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One thing I encountered recently is that the loading speed of the website is much slower than before. After investigating various possibilities, I finally found the reason - the product image is not compressed. Today, we will talk about how to handle image compression when uploading products on Shopify.


On the premise of ensuring the quality of the pictures, for the sake of website speed, the smaller the picture file size, the better. So, when we upload images on Shopify, be sure to compress them.


There are many tools for compressing pictures. I have used many "free" ones before. Either the frame loss rate is large, or the number of pictures is often reached, or if you want to further optimize it, you will be charged. Abandoning n similar compression software with low cost performance, I am still using DH SEO for one-click compression. The comparison before and after compression is clear at a glance. The point is that it's still free, it's really wonderful...


Last but not least, use the correct file format for your images: Image SEO requires a file format that can be indexed by Google (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG. )

File format also affects image quality and download speed:
For larger photos or illustrations, choose JPEG, which will give you good results in terms of color and clarity.
If you want to preserve background transparency, use PNG.
For logos and icons, use SVG.

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Thanks for the tip!

D. Luke Brandley, CMO
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