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Should I add a color attribute to my Google shopping channel feed?

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My Google shopping channel feed to the GMC has been working ok for a while now - but I have noticed that there is no color field defined for any of my products.


However, the GMC seems to be reporting the correct colors and I can search my products by color in the Google Search Shopping.


This leads me to ask two questions:

- Should I add color to my Google shopping channel feed?

- Why doesn't Shopify just copy product color over to the Google shopping feed?


Thanks in advance.

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If you are using the free app, then the functionality is limited.


Yes you should add the color in the variant options, then it will be sent to Google.


I forgot if the free app does it or not, as it's not a great app, but if you use something like:


It will submit the color attribute.

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Thanks - no the free app does not copy across color to the feed.


When judging where to stop adding features, I guess Shopify have to strike a balance between doing just enough to attract new users to the shopify platform whilst maximising revenue from apps and developers.