should I allow a shopify preview link to my pixel allow list?

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Hi everybody,

Sometimes my Facebook pixel detect new domains sending data, which have a bunch of numbers followed by (e.g.,

When I click, it shows my website.

Facebook says in the About Facebook Pixel Traffic Permissions


Reasons why you might see pixel events coming from unfamiliar website domains include:

  • Someone else put your pixel ID on their website. The pixel is a piece of code made up of the base code and your pixel ID. When you add your pixel to your website, your pixel ID is public information. This means that other people can find your pixel ID, add it to the pixel base code and put it on their own website.
  • You set up your pixel using a partner integration, third-party advertising technology or an iframe. This may cause redirects on your website. These redirects may appear as the referring URL and come from an unfamiliar website domain. In cases like these, we recommend allowing events from both domains so that you don’t inadvertently block events sent through your pixel from Events Manager

I already have entered in the allow list the generic domain

Does anybody knows WHY these links get created and IF should I allow them or safely or remove them (since maybe I can't know if someone else is using my Pixel ID)

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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Shopify Preview links get created from within the admin when you preview the theme. Excluding them from the pixel would mean you're basically reducing staff's input into the pixel.

You want your ads to exclude a type of list like "emails to exclude" made up of your internal staff Facebook email addresses and problem customers to help performance, which you can easily update from within website custom audiences and not reset any learning phases.

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Thank you Josh,

These are beneficial details for me. Plus I will implement a custom audience for internal right away.

Thank you,


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Hello Everyone,

So I'm getting the same thing popping up.  From the earlier discussion, I'm not clear on if I should allow or block such data.  Can someone let me know what I should do?  I run regular conversion:purchase campaigns and some retargeting.



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Just installed the Facebook tracking and experienced the same problem.Not sure whether it's Shopify way of tracking stores on their platform or something else.