Should tag URLs be excluded from index?

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I've noticed that tag pages like:{collectionName}/{tag}

Are not included in the Sitemap.xml file generated by Shopify. But when checking our indexed pages on Google, I see that many tag pages are indexes and are showing up on SERPs.

With tags, we have 1,132 pages indexed (Search Console) but our Sitemap only contains 236 links.

Now, is it a good practice to add a meta noindex nofollow tag to the header of those tag pages to exclude them from Google index?

Any thought or insights is highly appreciated.


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Hi Sia,

I actually just found this really helpful post that includes some code for your problem -

So if you have both category pages and tag pages that seem to be creating a lot of pages, but with just the same products listed on a lot of the pages, that's when you would want to NOINDEX the tag pages.

The tag pages are useful, but if you have a ton, they just start to repeat each other.

So the simple answer is that if you are repeating the same page over and over with the same products and it seems that you have a lot of these pages, then you should take action according to the above post.

Best of luck!


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Many thanks Joe,

That's exactly the case, there are lots of pages with a URL like /collections/{collection}/{tag}+{tag} being indexed by Google right now which is not optimal.

The article on Lunametrics was so helpful, my original solution was just adding:

  {% if current_tags %}
  	<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
  {% endif %}

to the <head> but their solution is more elegant and takes care of canonical URLs as well.

Another concern of mine was that tag URLs might also be present in Sitemap.xml, potentially sending mixes messages to Google, but I checked and it seems Shopify doesn't add them in the sitemap which is great.



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No one seemed to answer the full extent of this question.

Would you no follow also?

I notice Google saying you should never really no follow as it suggests the page has no value and of course bleeds off page rank flow.

So do you just no index, or do you no follow too?


Has anyone got an idea on best practise for this?


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There's a good article here which explains noindex vs nofollow quite clearly. In this scenario you would use noindex, follow as you want Google to explore these pages but not to index them and display them in search results:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" />