Shouldn't I delete the H1 tag on my logo and use only a single H1 tag for my homepage header?

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I recently read about changing your h2 to an h1 on debut, but wouldn't that become one of two h1's? Because the logo would still have an h1... I don't want google to prefer my logo as the h1...

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Hello There,

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. sections/header.liquid-> and search this class [ h2 site-header__logo ] and changes tags h1 to h2

Screenshot :- ,


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But I'll want to use my H2 for text. I guess I could just replace debut's default logo H1 with maybe H6 or one of the less important H's... Or can I add keyword text to my logo?? 

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Hi there @throneforyotone

As a rule of thumb, you should only have 01 H1 on a page. And the H1 should contain your focus keyword. 

Given this criterion, your Logo should not be H1, you can use it as your H2. 

H1 and Title tag are decisive for your on-page SEO, other than that, just make sure your H2 and H3 are nicely optimized for on-page SEO. 

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Ok that is helpful, so how can I disassociate my logo with any tags? Or is there some effective page tag and keywords I can use there too?

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Hey @throneforyotone,

If you followed what @ZestardTech suggested previously, then you can follow that same process to locate the logo and change the "h2" to "div".

Ex. Old: <h2 class="h2 site-header__logo"> </h2>

     New: <div class="h2 site-header__logo"> </div>

This should remove your logo from having any tags.

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If you want to use your logo as your header, to make your site look more appealing, you can NOT add an H1 header in the 'minimal theme' without editing your code.....try as I might!


However, I have found a work around, because I was also getting an error telling me I had no H1 header on my home page.


I have added an HTML block and entered my title, containing the keywords I would like to rank for.


I edited the font style and size, so it looks more appealing and in keeping with the feel of my site.


I hope this helps anyone who is not too familiar with coding.


If you would like to see if it is something that might work for your site, please see link below:-


Good luck!


Mel :O)


H1 header using HTML.jpg



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