Showing Product information as Description in serps instead of SEO meta description

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Hi i want to show meta description in SERPS. But my store is not picking meta description what i put in SEO meta. It is showing product information from product page.

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Search engines sometimes override your code and show what they think will be most effective.

So first, to make sure that's not the case, right click on your page and click "view source". Now you can see the code of the page as a search engine sees it.

Look for the <meta> tag with the attribute name="description".

That's what your meta description is.

If it is not showing your actual meta description, but instead product information, then you need to edit the code in your theme editor. It will likely be in theme.liquid or header.liquid.

To show the actual meta description, you'll want to use the {{ page_description }} variable. Reference:

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