Sign up for lead magnet box using shopify email

Sign up for lead magnet box using shopify email

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im trying to achieve a sign up form for a lead magnet like the type you might be able to embed on Shopify from mail chimp or active campaign however, i only want to use shopify email. 


I want to have the sign up form on a page so i can link it from my social media / IG bio so people can sign up from my socials . 


iVE tried duplicating elements of the newsletter template onto a new page template however, this doesn't appear to work and theres no way to add a signup block to a page that i can see?


How could i acheive this? Happy to use app if free.


Thank- you

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I'm not sure what you are looking for a lead magnet, sign up form, or newsletter template.   As I've researched it, I only found mailchimp as a good option, but I'm not sure if they have a free version. 

D. Luke Brandley, CMO
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If your goal is to grow your email list from Instagram like you said, then the zero-budget way is to put your store URL as your link in bio, then use the default Shopify newsletter pop-up with a 10% discount. That'll get some passive email opt-ins, but only a little.

If you really want to get email subscribers from Instagram, you should use organic Instagram incentives, like giveaways, which users love and drive huge engagement.

For example, run an Instagram giveaway and give people bonus entries if they join your email list. This works insanely well. There are Shopify apps to automate it for you, or you can do it yourself manually (it's just a lot more work).


When you're done, your new email subscribers will be created in Shopify as Customers with the 'accepts marketing' flag on so you can email them using Shopify Email or any email marketing service that syncs with Shopify.

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