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Hello everyone,


I have just launched my store, I am new to the ecommerce business and I would really appreciate some honest feedback. I did tons of research but I am sure that there are a lot of things that I can improve. I am yet to make a single sell, the store is live for a couple of days now but the payment gateway is still in verification.


One thing that I notice is that the loading time when you first go to my website is very long and I am not sure how can I improve this. I have also submitted the site to Google Search Console and I am waiting for their confirmation that the website is crawled.


I am looking forward to your feedback, I will do my best to return the favor!


All the best,


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First off, I’m impressed with the design of the site, it looks really professional.


You do seem to have a problem with speed, I couldn’t test the frontpage because it keeps timing out but I tested a collection page and there is some work to be done.


You seem to have a lot of images loading on the front-page, and some of them quite heavy. According to pingdom you load 144 images on your frontpage

Check this link out


And you can also check out how Google measures your speed of the site, keep in mind that Speed Insights is a test of how fast Google measures your site to be, it can be faster for users, but that might not be the way Google sees it. But it is important due to SEO.


Is there a reason that the customer have to accept terms and conditions on the product card/ before checkout? I would imagine a few people miss that they need to do that.


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Hi Amalia,


We'll be happy to help. I agree that there are loading time issues - for some reason I couldn't open the homepage at all. According to Pingdom tool, your website speed is 4.3 sec - ideally it should be below 3 seconds:Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 06.43.11.pngThere are few elements that currently affect your speed, so consider working on these:Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 06.42.57.png


It's really surprising that a website as young as yours has so many coding issues. Perhaps the best option would be to change the template, remove any excess coding that might be slowing down your website, and compress the images and upload them again. 


Also, make sure to work on the mobile version of your website first - the pop up blocks that cover the screen on mobile can negatively affect SEO and Google rank - make sure to either remove it, or optimize the display, so the pop-up information appears as a banner at the top, not covering the screen:Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 06.42.46.png

Hope it helps - if you'd need help optimizing your website and improving speed, give me shout.

Best regards,


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