Site speed, 'Minimize request size' FB pixel code appears twice?

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My site is rather slow, 40-50% on GTMetrix. One of the problems is this:


The requests for the following URLs don't fit in a single packet. Reducing the size of these requests could reduce latency.


Which question is, why do both these items show up twice? I've checked other shopify sites and ran it through gtmetrix but these huge URL requests only show up once


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These files are small so from a performance perspective they aren't affecting your speed unless they're causing a problem. A few kb in file weight won't change anything.


From the screenshot the parameter strings are different lengths, so they might all be serving a purpose.


If you want to see where they're loading to get some clues you could try this:


- View the source code of the page you're testing (right click in a browser and select View Source).


- Then check your theme.liquid file or any apps that involve Facebook.


- If you're loading your FB pixel in your Online Store > Preferences area, and it's also loading somewhere else, then it may be a duplicate situation.


Investigating those 3 areas should give you some clues to understand the scripts and why they're loading.

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