Snippets code on shopify theme not indexed by Google ?

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Hello everyone, 

I was just reading some stuff on the Shopify help center and I noticed something in this tuto on adding tabs to product descriptions : 

In the second tab, include a snippet (make sure to create a new snippet and call it "shipping"), mainly because this will contain content that you do not want indexed by search engines, or to come up in a site search.

I tried to search with some content on the example site of the tutorial. I can find the site with content rendered from shopify pages but I find anything for content rendered from snippets. 

Does that mean that HTML code rendered from snippets are not crawlable and indexed by Google ? 

I hope not because I'm juste setting up my shop and I write a lot of dynamique content on snippets and put it into HTML code to keep my theme clean. 

Does anybody have info about this ? thanks a lot

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