SOLUTION to high ATC & low/no sales

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I wanted to share with you my idea on how to potentially decrease the abandoned cart rate in a store and increase conversions.
It’s just an idea and I would love your input/experiences/opinion on it.
I run a drop-shipping store in pet niche and it’s all great BUT…as you can see on the picture below, my “Added to cart(s)” are pretty high and my “Sessions converted” are pretty low.
Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 13.15.41.png
I know many of you (if not all) face the same problem.
If only there was a way to increase the % of people who actually convert right there and then…
What are the options to get people who added something to their cart to buy?
  1. Retargeting campaign (costs money)
  2. Email capture & email campaign (if visitors decide to opt-in & read your emails)
  3. Pop-up with a discount when they try to leave the page (pop-ups are annoying)
  4. ?
Well, my idea is to create a chatbot, that would appear only on the “/cart” page, that would incentivise them to buy within the next X minutes (for a discount or special gift).
What are the benefits?
  1. We can make them feel special
  2. They don’t expect to get anything “extra” when they visit the store, so once they get it it’s an “OMG, I just won the lottery” moment
  3. Because the incentive is time-limited, they won’t leave the site in fear they could lose it
  4. Email collection from people VERY interested in your stuff
What are the potential risks?
  1. Lower margins in case of a discount (you probably offer discounts in your email sequence/retargeting anyway)
  2. Extra costs of “special gifts” (could be solved by creating a digital gift)
  3. ?
I have a great guy, who's working on this solution for me, so if you would like to give it a go in your store, please let me know! 
Stay safe,
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