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Someone Please help before I slit my wrist....Marketing help needed

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Hi All,

So I'm sure you have heard this all before.  My webs site has been up and have had it going for about a year.  I think the site has a clean design and is functioning properly, but also realize that I could be wrong about that (would love anyones feedback on the site

Here is the typical problem for most and the specific problem I'm having...  I have been using google adwords, and facebook ads to drive people to the site, but I'm not selling that many folks.  What is a typical conversion rate?  (I know conversions rates depend on many things, but what number should I start to shoot for...because I have no clue)  I'm getting 100 and on some days 180 people to the sight and just a few orders (few meaning 1-3 orders a day some days 0) and spending $200 a day on google adwords?

Please help!  Take a look at the site and let me know what you think?  We do custom embroidery for businesses.  (That's our sole focus...Just businesses)

Thanks for your help in advance and success to all Shopify peeps


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Hi John,

Your website looks good, It looks perfect for marketing as well.

It's been well aligned for Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles.

If you are spending $200 a day on AdWords and not getting any conversions. Definitely, the problems lie on your AdWords account.

I'll drop you a checklist of points for you to start optimizing AdWords.

  1.  Start conversion tracking (if not already).
  2.  Avoid broad match type keywords for now. Use modified broad match type keywords.
  3.  Use more targeted keywords for example: +mens +baseball +caps
  4.  Show closely related ads to match your keywords.
  5. Make use of Shopping campaigns and merchant account.
  6. Use re-marketing properly.

You'll see considerable improvements in your Quality Score & conversion rate when you start optimizing campaigns.

Hope that helps:)

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I agree with Kathy you could probably optimize your PPC accounts so you should look into that.

One thing I recommend to all our customers and is the basis for everything is to properly setup your Google Analytics so you know what you are tracking, how you funnel looks like and hence can calculate how much you should be spending on Adwords. 

Typical conversion rates for ecommerce stores we see are around 2% but this can be improved with customer research and based on that getting to the right audience. This is what makes the great stores stand apart.

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Thanks Katy and Emke

This is helpful I will try those things in google adwords 🙂 and thanks for the starting conversion rate

thanks you much