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I’ve submitted my sitemaps to google and bing over two weeks ago… and it didnt updated. my SEO write up is diferent then what it says now.. 

on bing you cant even find my website... 


someone please… help.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, Anna!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for reaching out to us today!  Sorry to hear that you're seeing this - the algorithms for search engines like Google and Bing that determine what content to show are incredibly complex, and notoriously difficult to influence directly from the outside.  It can take time for their bots to crawl your site and start presenting updated info - if you've done a lot of updating to your site since you first submitted it, you can always resubmit those sitemaps, or if there are particular pages that you'd like to focus on getting updated, there are options to submit a single link for recrawling for both Google and Bing.

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time.  We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify Guru

Alex | Shopify 
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hey Anna Wrobel,

can you see that down arrow beside website URL?

click on that and you will get the option named cached. by clicking it you will see the information of last cached time of your website by crawlers.

if it is updated then you should check the results in private browser. these might be the cache issue.

I hope my answer will clear your doubts.

let me know if it works or not.

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Hi Car Care Products... 🙂

When I do that it shows that it was done on Februay 24th. Any idea how I would update that?



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Login to Google Search Console, select the site

On the left side bar click "Fetch As Google" under the section Crawl

Click Fetch

Once the process is completed click "Request indexing".

Although its not guranteed it may speed up the reindexing

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Thank you for all your help.. 

I have two diferent property : For the first property I get this: and 2nd one this: 

 Am I doing something wrong? as you can see ive been at this since February 13th. 



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As far as I know, you are not doing anything wrong here.

As you can see in the attached image, Google last indexed your page on Feb 24th. You still need to wait until Google update the index again.

You've done the only thing in your control now; asking Google to fetch the page again. Now you have to wait for it to happen.

I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. 


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Thank you SA, Happy to know I didnt do anything wrong! Thank for your time. 

- Anna 

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HI Evryone, 

So this is what i got this morning: 

"Some fixes failed for Index coverage issues on site

March 1, 2018

To owner of,

You requested that Google validate your fix of Index coverage issues on site; specifically pages affected by 'Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt'. However, we found that some pages are still affected by this issue.

To examine full details on the validation progress, and to learn how to fix remaining pages, please follow this link."


In the link you can find more info. Any idea how I can fix this. Or who I could hire to fix this???


Thanks for all your help. 

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Hi Anna,

Your coverage page linked above that are not indexed are cart, checkout, admin, and account URLs which is not a problem. These are blocked by Shopify's robots.txt file which is normal for everyone on the platform since these pages are dynamic per user. 

I hope that helps! Feel free to contact me if you need any additional help with analytics/optimization assistance. 


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Thanks, Alex. I faced same types of problem.Now it perfect.Thanks for your suggestion.