Someone, plz, anyone help lol!

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Ive had a view content optimized facebook campaign consisting of 5 adsets running for over 4 days for 1 product, ive gotten 130 view content conversions, not 1 add to cart in almost 5 days. heres my product page, can anyone tell me what they think the problem is?

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Hi Khal El,

Well, like everyone else big problem... traffic but no sales.

Well, i will repeat some parts of my regular answer about this issue, so you can notice what's missing and why customers not buying from my website.

  1. Is your website well known and branded?
  2. How old are youe website age is?
  3. Is your website security Okay?
  4. Is your website trusted by customers?

Why people buy with millions of dollars everyday from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and not buying from you or other similar website? You have the free space to answer this quaestion!

Simply you have to build You Own Brand >>> then work on making it popular, after that you can make sales even without ads or other help from people. Of course ads is important.

Also you hve to consider that there is a lot of scammers who preventing people from buying easliy online, too many customers lost hundres or maybe thousands of dollars fro just providing their Credit card details to new + unkwon + not trusted websites.

Yesterday someone created a fraud website (in hours) then added fake products with 90%+ discount for products costs more than $1000+ dollar, you can buy it from him in just $100 🙂

This website only asks for your Credit Card (not like regular shops with multiple payment mehods). So hundreds of people thought it was a good chance to buy expensive products at 90% discount, and they all money stolen.

So fraud actions like this makes customers never to even try to buy from any new or unknow websites, so that's the big challnge 😞

Hope you get my point.

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The conversion rate seems very low for such period of time. It sounds like you've got the wrong target audience set - this messes up results a lot! I'd be happy to look into it for you. Feel free to get in touch!