Spend more than $300 on Ads, But No Sales

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I'm new to E-Commerce and have already spent more than $300 (mostly for FB and Google) on ads, but still no sales.  I want to sell coffee, coffee body scrubs, and merchandise with my own logo, but no sale. I do not know what wrong with my store. Please give me advice 
My website is www.caferainbow.net/
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Hi @RainbowMikey


Getting your first few conversions can be tough! Here's what I'd do for next steps:


1.  See if the traffic you're getting today is behaving like converting traffic (i.e. are they browsing a lot of products or bouncing?)

-- if they're browsing a bunch of products, its probably just a matter of time until someone converts

2.  If they aren't browsing, trying generating traffic from another source (i.e. facebook, instagram, pinterest)

3.  If that traffic isn't browsing, you need to update your site / add products 




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Hi @RainbowMikey,


Hope you are keeping well!


I understand your pain as there is no sales coming through your Paid ads. But I have few questions which I would like to ask so based on that I can try to solve the issue of sales.


1) Have you created ads through Search network, Display or Google Shopping Campaign ?

2) Since how long are you running this ads ?

3) Are you performing any kind of SEO activity on your website /store ?

4) Can I have list of your competitors website URL,Please?


Once you help me with the above questionnaire then I can provide you "Free Audit Report" in which you will know which area we are lacking to generate sales and of course Organic traffic as well.


In addition to this, I have gone through with your website URL and I can't see any issue with website that needs to be rectified but I would wish if we have created ads through Google Shopping Campaign then it would give us a great push to start generating sales.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you.