Re: Spent over 400$ on ads and no sales. Cant figure out why.

Spent over 400$ on ads and no sales. Cant figure out why.

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as title says spent over 400 on Facebook ads and can't get any sales. Over 20 add to carts but no conversions.


Site is


Landing page is


Any help appreciated 👍

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Hi I don't really have any social proof to ad aside from a couple testimonials due to being a new brand.

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Facebook ads are notoriously bad for conversion rates, unless you have your audience completely dialed-in. You'll have to do a lot of experimenting on which audiences you're targeting. If don't get a sale within the first $100-$200 of ad spend on Facebook, then you should definitely change up your audience. There's no point in continuing to spend on ads that aren't converting.


Also, the type of content that you're showing in the actual ads can really influence things. Experiment with different ad copies, different images, and if you can, try using videos. Videos are known to be better converting than simple image-with-text ads. 


Lastly, you should try experimenting with different ads platforms (try running ads on other social media platforms than Facebook, or via search engines like Google). 


If you need help with your ads and marketing efforts, you can always hire a Partner with experience doing ads/marketing from this page: 


The only other thing I could suggest is seeing if you could bring down your product prices a bit, as you're on the higher end of things. Depending on your margins, it might make sense to bring the product price down until you have a customer base built up, and then you can slowly raise the prices over time. Right now, you're charging $18 USD for 4oz of coffee. Other up-and-coming brands are selling ~4oz for around $8-10 USD. It could be that your potential customers are clicking your ads, but that once they see the price, they decide it's not worth the cost to pay a premium for coffee that they've never tried before. 


Also, on a side note: you should add a logo to your store (right now, your store's logo is just basic text, which isn't good from a branding perspective). 


I wish you the best of luck with your ads journey! 🙂

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Thank you that's very helpful. I will try lowering prices for now. I do offer free shipping which is why my prices are higher but maybe that is a drawback initially. I will also add a logo to my store header. 

The ads are confusing because i get a high click rate and add to cart but low conversion. I have tried many different add styles including video. 

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Make sure you have setup your FB ads correctly, you will get a lot of junk traffic but depending on your budget it starts sending users who might be interested in your product. 

Try Google search Ads, Google Shopping Ads. 

Check your Analytics and see where users are bouncing off. Then optimize your landing pages, hire someone with knowledge. I know its tough to spend and not get results, but you need patience and continuous testing of what will work with your target audience.

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just wondering, How is your brand doing today after implementing these key flaws