Spent thousands on Facebook ads, low conversions... Do i try google ads? Almost want to quit! Help

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Hi there 

I wanted to hear others opinions and thoughts. We launched our online clothing store nearly 2 years ago. We used primarily Facebook ads spending  £1600-£2000 a month and our store conversions are 0.27% which is crazy low. 

Our niche is the plus size industry for women and according to our stats we seem to have the correct audience and demographic. We have a expert FB marketer and use Google analytics and hotjar. 

We decided to get a website conversion expert (cro) who made a lot of changes in the last month. 

But yet our conversions are still trash. We know we sell good quality product but just don't get what's going on. Alot has been invested in this business but I know if things dontturn around I will have to throw in the towel because I have 3 small kids under 5 youngest 9 months and I can't risk any more lose. 

My last try is Google ads/shopping. 

I would love to hear feedback from you guys and experts to see what the issue could be


How has Google shopping gone for you compared to FB?? 

Is my store sppealingin the first place or am I going wrong somewhere?

I may think it's perfect but a fresh set of eyes always picks out things I may have missed.

Thankyou in advance 🙂



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Sorry to hear all that. I think you did great and have a fantastic store! I am no CRO expert, but seeing that conversion rate averages for the fashion and accessories industry run at about 1% according to IRP Commerce, I think you're doing well considering you are targeting a niche segment.

If you have access to a conversion funnel, I'd check to there to understand where exactly you're loosing your visitiors. Also, reminds me I recently read an article from Shopify blog that is almost tailored for you - Fashion Ecommerce Conversion Rates: 15 CRO Strategies from Top Brands. Maybe you will find some hints or ideas there.

Like I said, I am no CRO expert or anything alike for that matter. I also have no experience with Google Shopping so someone else will have to share their experience on that.

Hope that helped a bit and I wish you good fortune.

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@karl Thankyou so much for the reply and suggestions. 

I wasn't aware of conversion funnel so will check it out now as well as that blog 

Thank you once again:)

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I never had any luck with Facebook ads, I did much better using ads on Instagram. I got quite a few sales from Instagram. Have you tried it yet?

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes we ended up doing ads through FB more targeted to IG but still conversions were low. 

What I'm realising is YouTube Video reviews/hauls work wonders and get alot of sales when we use the right influencers. 

Also IG posts from.influenxers do good

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Instagram ads will be more effective than Google ads in your case. For fashion brands instagram ads are boon. Try to find out some instagram influencer and ask them to promote best of your products. And at the same time run ads on instagram. 

You need to check your analytics as well. Try to find out whats wrong with your store and optimize it well for your targeted audiences. Check the complete user journey and try to find out the pages / products / section of store which are responsible for customers going away and fix those. 

Please do post about it and let us know if it worked. 

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Hi @RegalGold,

it's a bit difficult to tell why you don't get the higher conversion rates without knowing what kind of ads you were running. You might want to examine for how long each ad was running, what was the relevance score, which goals you chose for optimising your ads... what "creative" aka image, video, text you used. Which Call To Action. There're quite a few parameters to be aware of and to play with.

E.g. Did you compare or A/B tested how different audience segments respond to the same ad? Or which image/ video/ message perform the best for the same audience?

It might also be helpful to further niche down your audience: you are targetting plus-size professional women? Women-entrepreneurs? Fashionistas? Independent and fierce women? Women with curves and with an incredible sense of style? Creative women? Highly ambitious women?

Once defined, it is easier to send a more precise message and come up with new interesteing campaign ideas that will deliver better.

I saw that you have 16K active followers on Instagram! You can certainly get some valuable insights on what they want from interracting with them directly through posts, stories, and sponsored ads.