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Hello everyone! 


I just released my store.

I am running a split test on Facebook Feed of the ULTRA Smartwatch and got a few Adds to Cart but no purchases yet


Do you have any suggestions? 


BTW, here's some info about the ads: 


5 split tests with the following settings: 

  • Countries: ePacket available
  • Age range: 18-45
  • Interests & Behaviors: 
    • Ad Set A: (Fitbit / Polar / Garmin Fitness) & (Engaged Shoppers)
    • Ad Set B: (Fitbit / Polar / Garmin Fitness / Fabletics)
    • Ad Set C: (Fitbit / Polar / Garmin Fitness / fizik / Cyclingnews.com / Job title: Cyclist) &
    • (Chris Froome / Vuelta a España / USA Cycling / Haute Route / I Love Cycling /Tour de France / Giro d'Italia / Neil Armstrong / UCI World Tour / Cycling club / Cyclingnews.com)
    • Ad Set 😧 (Fitbit / Polar / Garmin Fitness)
    • Ad Set E: (Usain Bolt / Allyson Felix / Mo Farah) & ( Boston Marathon / Saucony / Runner's World / Polar / Paris Marathon / Nike Running / Half marathon/ Brooks Running / Employers: Marathons)
  • Results:
    • Ad Set A:  R: 8.8k   CV: 50   ATC: 1.   CI: 3.
    • Ad Set B:  R: 8.5k   CV: 87    ATC: 1.   CI: 2.
    • Ad Set C:  R: 8.8k   CV: 138  ATC: 2.  CI: 4.
    • Ad Set 😧  R: 10.1k  CV: 130  ATC: 3.  CI: 6.
    • Ad Set E:  R: 7.2k    CV: 28    ATC: 0.  CI: 2.




CV: Content Views

ATC: Adds To Cart

CI: Checkouts Initiated

R: Reach


Thank you!!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, @berlumeOff!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. Congratulations on your new site launch! That is exciting news!


I took a peek at your site and the numbers you listed in your post. I thought it prudent to cover some basics before touching on any split test data recommendations. I think we may have to get to the root of the low conversion rate before we get into other details that may not have a direct impact.


How Ads Impact Your Results


Many factors go into determining which point(s) to change to redirect the success of the ads. The top 3 factors that might be impacting your specific results might be these:


  • Ad Campaign Objective
  • Ad Placement
  • Audience Demographics


Usually, if a business owner is getting very low Add to Carts from the traffic that is landing on their site, it's a sign that targetting needs to be adjusted. This is something that is impactful if you're receiving at least 1000 sessions on your site over a rolling 30 day period. If traffic is lower than that, it is very likely that the type of ad might need to be changed to a different objective.


You've got a great idea to keep your ad placement in one area, Facebook Feed. That is great! Now you may want to try a few other placements depending on the type of ad you are delivering. For example, if you have a video I'd even test out the Audience Network on a separate Ad Set as a short one week test to see how it went.


✦ Ad Campaign Objectives & Placement


When creating ads for a brand new store or pixel with less than 100 purchases recorded, it's always ideal to make sure that the campaign objectives that are being selected are in sync with the stage of your business.


If you just launched, this is where I'd recommend a bit of patience to allow your pixel to learn and develop an understanding of the right buying customer. This means that it's best to start your campaign objective on Facebook on View Content or Add to Cart under the Website Conversion objective for campaigns. As you begin to get Add to Carts you'll then want to start using the next step in the sales funnel.


Basically, you'll want to build your pixel data to develop conversions, I've got some tips on this method you can use in this post here that goes through some ideas to build the data on your Facebook pixel to better optimize your ads' performance.


✦ Audience Demographics


In your split test, you've got amazing interest layers. I'm glad that you did some great research on the interests of your target customer. A couple of demographic categories that might help you improve some results are:


  • Countries - Some countries are amazing to advertise in to gain momentum with branding and engagement, and some are exceptional for converting depending on the expendable income of the demographic you intend to advertise to.


  • Age - This is important as only some groups will be highly inclined to purchase a smartwatch for fitness, it's a great product that benefits everyone, but not everyone is going to be the ideal customer. Keep your age range within a 10-year range. Ideally, you'll want to aim for customers that have an expendable income and maybe more secure in their finances with access to a credit card. This means that you'll want to aim for customers above 21.


How Brand and Site Aesthetic Impact Conversions


Keep in mind that visitors will buy into your brand and story before they buy a product. This is why site aesthetic and written content is so crucial for your site.


One thing that can help you with this is adjusting is the mobile view of your site. What I mean by adjusting the view is to focus on optimizing your mobile version. It's important for this product to be presented well in mobile view. Most audiences that are potential buyers of tech or fitness products will be viewing your site on mobile. This means that the product pages need to be easy and quick to scroll through. It would be ideal to reduce the number of images on your product pages to allow for visitors to scroll through quickly and get the most relevant images on the product.


Take a quick peek at your site to make sure that you're building a solid story to your brand as well. This will greatly help your long term growth and sustainability as an e-commerce business.


Let me know if that helped! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business. 

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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