Squarespace site with Shopify cart integration: Setup Google conversions and Facebook conversions

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Running into a couple of problems. Site is hosted by Squarespace but cart is facilitated by Shopify. Prior to moving the cart to Shopify, all cart pages were part of Squarespace. All tracking worked just fine. Since moving cart to Shopify, we have the following problems.


Problem one: Google Analytics conversion tracking is not working. 
I need to know how to setup conversion tracking when the journey starts on Squarespace pages and then completes with a storename.myshopify.com/25654198317/orders/* URL


Problem two: Facebook events don't all fire because Facebook event manager can't "see" the Shopify buttons being pulled in.


  • Example: Site URL is https://www.getbackbeat.com/
  • Add to cart functionality on this page is being pulled in to Squarespace from Shopify: https://www.getbackbeat.com/buy-now
  • Add to cart functionality on this page is being pulled in to Squarespace from Shopify: https://www.getbackbeat.com/shop
  • Facebook Event tracking cannot read the Add To Cart buttons or Select buttons on either of those pages. It's like it can't see them. It can see the top nav buttons (Buy Now, Features, Configurations, Shop)
  • Google Global Tag is installed in the Squarespace side of things. What needs to be done on the Shopify side?


Please advise. Ultimately we want conversion tracking in place for both Google Analytics (reflecting all traffic) and for Facebook. 


Thank you.


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Did you ever figure this out @ChrisTro ?

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Would love to know this answer too