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Stalker customer pretending seller

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I am being threatened by a Shopify marketing seller from James Carley ( ) that’s messaging me through as a customer I hired him after his persuasiveness to help me get sales as i am new to Shopify

to help me to get more sales.


I have blocked this person but they continue to message me through Shopify messenger threatening to close my Shopify account unless I give him more money.

I’ve asked if he really did purchase any ads or created any to give me proof such as a receipt or a link to the new ads went as far as creating other customer accounts on my account and messaging me, pretending to be the customer, asking me questions regarding my product I know because he contacted me after I blocked his customer message account through those same fake accounts. so he pretended to be those two customers so that I can believe they created ads but in reality after deep search, he did not create any ad for me. I Deep search Shopify as well as my social media, and nothing was create it, although he is lying telling me that.

He also requested upfront more money on top of the $300 I paid, because his wife had a so-called accident. He had to pay her medical bills.



How can I report him to fight Shopify to prevent him from contacting me or doing any damage to my Shopify account or doing this to any other new Shopify store owner?

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Hi @Carmcarm 


I'm sorry that you have to go through such an unacceptable thing like this. This is outrageous and unacceptable. But is everything alright now?

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