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Started the shop about 7 months only 2 sales. Please check what I did and help if you can!

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Hello everyone, 

- I started my shop about 1 year ago but launched the first collection about 7 months ago, I created a sustainable streetwear brand and here you can see all the products and read everything about it:

- I update the website regularly, new products, new images, new blog posts (mostly seo focused), new videos, try to improve the SEO constantly and the website in general.

- I added all the secure badges from shopify and McAfee to communicate safeness to customers, I have shipping costs and delivery time page, privacy policy, refund page, term of service pages.

- I have an about me page and I believe I always communicate a story about any product and I gave a personality to the brand that I always communicate to customers. 

- My budget is extremely limited, close to zero. I've done only a campaign on google adwords for a month with a budget of 100 euro, which brought me about 30 visitors a day for that period (I usually get about 10 per day). I also did a couple of campaigns on FB and Instagram to increase the brand awareness with acceptable results but nothing special. All my other efforts have been organic. 

- I've been working with some social media influencers both on Instagram (I pick influencers that have at least 10000 followers and that I believe could have followers interested in my products), I also did a collab with a famous youtuber in Italy who treats arguments such as streetwear and hip hop. He brought me about 200 visits in 2 days but 0 sales and 0 increasing of following on social media, like all the other influencers I've worked with basically. I also have tried a giveway contest with an influencers with 20000 followers that had only about 10 entries in a week. 

- I have tried with sales and free shipping too (when I did sales for a month I created a campaign about it with Google Adwords)

- I have a Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube page that I update regurarly.

- I send out newsletters on a regular basis to update people about new launches, sales, and anything new in general about the brand. 

So, this is what I did and I'm doing with obviously no results, do you think there is anything I should improve in my strategy or in my website? does the budget have a big impact on my poor results? 

Any helpful advice is highly welcome.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi there!

Looks like you're doing all the right things, just need more advertising. We just broke a huge sales milestone using Cranberri. ( Message me at if you'd like some help with your store! We're always looking to mentor fellow entrepreneurs. 

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same problem. i had no marketing plan and had no background with ecommerce. so i shut down... 😞 one thing i noticed from your site is that there would be a discount pop up every time a visited a different page. it is a bit irratating, especially for those on mobile

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Hey! thanks for the advice, I think you are right and I fixed that problem, now it will appear once every 10 minutes 🙂

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Thanks for the help Monica, I will definitely write you an e-mail 🙂 


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I did some research on your website and social media accounts and here's what I think:
- Your website looks clean with a good flow. It's good to see that a part of the sale coming from limited editions is going to charity.
- Instagram as a platform has the maximum engagement with more than 1400 followers and an average of 40 likes on your post.

Your question really describes your frustration that despite doing everything possible you're not able to achieve your goal. I truly understand that. But here's a problem that you've missed completely. You've followed the best practices without measuring the impact of each activity. I would want to suggest you one thing now - lay down the goal of your store - list down all the activities that can be done - define a marketing strategy of when and how to do a particular activity - observe each activity closely - figure out which activity helps you achieve your goal - double down your efforts there - that's it, simple right?
It's not as simple as said. Here's a recommendation, if you're still not tracking your user behavior - then start it now. You can use Google Analytics for it (free). With GA you can track from where your users come, what all pages do they visit, what's the journey like and where's the point that they drop off. Since GA plays on page views and clicks, it is also important to look for Assisted Conversions. What it means is that maybe one channel might be able to help you achieve your goals but there may be different channels that are acting as a catalyst. Once, you are able to see your user journey then only you can make decisions. I would recommend you to go through this guide and also to take these free courses by GA Academy

In short here's what I've to say: Identify the one source - focus on that - never lose hope.

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I agree with the things others have said; however, my review is coming from a USA usability perspective:

  1. I could not connect to your website from a corporate computer. You must submit your website to one of the free website category setting sites, such as the one from Symantec called Bluecoat (more information here in the Shopify Forums article listed HERE).
  2. Connecting from my cell phone, I found the following
  • Your prices do not convert to US dollar. If you want US customers, I would suggest you add a currency conversion app, because having a customer go to another website to convert your price to their currency is a turn off
  • On your product pages, I was unable to swipe to view your product images. Perhaps this option is not available in the theme you are using; however, people are used to swiping. It not a major deal breaker, since I can click on each thumbnail to change the image. I also like your manifesto under your product images 🙂
  • Many online shoppers are used to seeing an "About Us" type link. You have a lot of information regarding your brand; however, perhaps you can create a new navigation link and put your "Philosophy, Logo, Family, Contacts" all under one menu "About US" or "Our Story" type navigation link.

I hope this helps, and good luck with sales.


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thanks guys, those are great suggestions! thanks again for taking the time to check my store and give me suggestions 🙂 

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B Different, I cannot say I'm an expert on what designs sell and what don't.  I'm not saying that I could create t-shirt designs that sell like crazy.  I'm also not saying that I've put into practice every piece of advice I may give, as I've just gotten started myself, but I do think there are some things you could improve.

But while one of the commenters was right that you should update your site to appeal to customers in the USA, what I'd say is that you probably need better designs.  The giant circle of weirdness logo is big and confusing, like from a distance it looks like it's made for Skiing or Snowboarding.  The media dimension tees are probably your most interesting, and they're not even listed on the link for your t-shirt collection.  Your standard tees are not that unusual.  It's one thing for Urban Outfitters (big USA chain) to carry t-shirts with a very basic slogan in a cool font (like Stay Weird), because they are a famous brand, but people are probably not going to buy from an independent online store they've never heard of unless they can get something that no one else has.  Your strength is probably your illustration style, as seen in your media dimension tees, but none of your standard tees have that illustration style.  

Also, both your instagram and youtube channel have videos of you creating the illustrations.  I don't think potential customers care that much about seeing how the artwork was made, unless you are going only for fans of illustration.  But even then, you're a product company, not selling a course on teaching illustration.  What's probably better is the photos of real people wearing your shirts, not mock-ups, but real people.  You should maybe have 20 videos of people in your neighborhood who look similar to who you think might buy your shirts, wearing your shirts, while doing different things, walking their dog, skateboarding, etc.  On Instagram, there's too many posts that look like ads.  Maybe get rid of those or stop posting those and just take and post more photos and videos of human beings wearing your shirts.  

It's very hard to launch any t-shirt company, but regarding launching one that has a giant logo (snowflake design) as a main selling point is extremely hard.  Brands spend millions of dollars paying professional models and famous people to wear their shirts with their logo so that the logo itself is enough to have on a shirt.  It's how come skateboarders who've never seen a horse would want to wear a shirt with a polo player logo on it.  Also, in 2018, wearing a giant logo on your clothes is probably not considered that cool anymore.  

So, I know it probably sucks to hear it, but I'd rethink the designs.  Forget all the strategies for targeted marketing, etc., maybe go to some public place with some t-shirts and approach some people and ask them what they think of the designs, would they wear them, etc.  You need to start with better designs, because that's a value proposition for customers.  Cool designs that they can't get anywhere else.  Then, get more photos of people who look like your customer wearing your shirts up on your site and on social media.  Those things should be done first, then, worry about SEO and targeted marketing and GA and all the rest.

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I agree with HappyAnniversary about the designs. And the public place survey also is a good idea. An example is something we did in Chicago. In the below image, we had large brand banners on Michigan Avenue, and models (some of my college friends) asking people what they thought about the designs. If they liked them, we had another another team down the street giving away free samples (about 200).


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