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I have launched a new online store selling scale diecast airplane models. The website is I don’t know how to word my question to my problem correctly and so I’m not confusing I will ask with pictures. When I do a google search for my site the following comes up in the google search results:



When I search a lot of other sites on google, for this example let’s use another model shop I frequent a lot, when I google search them their search results in google are returned with links to sections of their website that have products for sale. 


How can I change my search results to display links the same way? When people google my site I want them to have links to my product collections like are shown with The Airplane Shop example.

Thanks in advance for any assistance in advance. I am new to marketing, promotions and all this SEO stuff.


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Hi there, these links are called sitelink.

Sitelinks, however, do not get displayed automatically by Google - Sitelinks only get displayed when Google deems that they will be highly relevant and helpful for users. Furthermore, Google itself also selects the pages that get displayed within the sitelink portion, with the site owner having no direct control over the process.

There are, however, steps that site owners can take to encourage their appearance on the page.

  • Make sure your site structure and hierarchy is clear and logical. If you have not prioritized site structure, this should be good motivation to do so. Not only will this help with sitelinks, but it can also help with other aspects of SEO.
  • Use internal links to help demonstrate your internal site structure and the priority of the pages within your domain. Good linking structures can help to clearly indicate which pages should be prioritized. As you create internal links, use carefully considered anchor text that provides value, without being repetitive.
  • Have a main menu that helps to further emphasize the central categories of content on your page.
  • Build an XML sitemap and make sure it has been properly submitted to Google.

Check out this tutorial , or this one to learn more about getting sitelinks for your SERPs. 

I hope my answer is helpful enough - if it is, let me know with a thumb up, or like, or anything you want 🙂 


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So basically overtime Google will or will not set Sitelinks based on traffic volume and ease of navigation...