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Store not converting. Lots of traffic and carts.

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I am having what I guess is a pretty common issue with new shops. My store is getting a lot of traffic (about 230 visitors a day). Out of that 230 about 50 add items to their carts. From that 50 about 30 initiate checkout. None actually finish the checkout process. This is only my 3rd day from launch. Are these normal results or is my site just not good? My store is

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Have you gone through the complete check process including payment? Is it smooth?


What have you done to get such traffic?


I am working for 2 months on SEO for my external laptop battery charger store which has let's say almost unique products in the world but I have only 5-7 visitors. This is the store:


Any hint will help me.


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Sorry to hear that - it sounds like people are interested in your products, which is good, but for some reason do not complete the checkout. As you have just started, it's worth checking if all the payment gateway integration is there and the checkout doesn't have any glitches, as mentioned in the previous comment.

Also, as you have people initiating checkout, you already have their email addresses. Make sure to get the consent to contact them [have a tick-box to sign up to your newsletter during the checkout] and build your email list. Stay in touch with them regularly, as people might convert at a later stage as well.


It's worth setting up an automated cart abandonment email - sent an hour after they leave an empty cart, and then again after 6 hours. This way you'll remind them what they left and prompt them to return to your store and complete the purchase. It's very effective if you do it right - make sure to inject personality to the emails to really stand out and make people want to return to your store.


Here is a helpful guide showing how to set up powerful cart abandonment campaign and recover 67.4% lost sales:


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