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Strange AdWords Results After Change

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Hi, I was having really good success with AdWords click-throughs last week but the auto bidding was too high so I updated to manual bidding and set a lower rate. That rate is usually ranking me in the first or second spot; HOWEVER, no all the click-throughs are 100% bounce with 00:00:00 time on site...

Other sources of traffic (ie Facebook, Direct, etc) are all normal bounce rates (40%-55%) and normal time on site.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would be the case? The only change was a manual bid versus auto bidding.

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Great question! Curious to see how others respond.

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Great question. Need to know this too.

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Hi Josh,

I gotta say that's weird! 

But.....other than Google's revenge for spending less (not really), if your bids were way lower now then your ads might not showing in the top 4 positions and maybe that makes a difference, I see you're onto that...........but are you 100% sure are your effective ads are still in the first and second spots with the lower manual bids ...? Maybe check the date range setting for comparative before and after periods to see each ads' average position. What were the ad positions during auto bidding and then with manual bidding?

I never use manual bidding, I wrote an article, a case study about this, about using a different keyword idea rather than competing with autobidders. We went niche, sometimes being very specific gets a better result. 

Happy marketing!


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Hey Josh, good question.  There's three reasons that I can think of:

1.) One of the selling points for auto-bidding is that AdWords looks at a bunch of signals (time of day, previous searches, device, location, etc) and sets bids higher for those moree likely to respond and less for those less likely to respond.  Now that you're using manual bidding, your average traffic quality might be lower even if your average ad position is the same.

2.)  Different search terms. The search terms that are giving you visitors aren't necessarily the keywords you're targeting. This is definitely true if you're using broad match or modified broad, but can even be true if you're using exact match after last year's AdWords changes.  Look at your search term report to make sure the queries giving you traffic now is the same as it was before.

3.) Not enough data. If you're still showing for the same search terms that gave good results before (see #2 above) you might just be looking at a statistical blip. Things tend to balance out for money keywords, as long as you're looking at enough impressions/clicks.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Brandon, that's good feedback.  I'll let it run for a week or two to collect data and then see what changing it back looks like.

I am using phrase match on very targeted keywords - for example, "xyz" search results in "xyz" category filled with "xyz" products. The terms are exactly the same all the way through.

I would say 90% of the traffic I get is (and was) for a single keyword (literally "xyz" rather than "abc xyz"). So it could be a blip and just need more data.