Strategies for a successful affiliate marketing campaign on the holiday season

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The holiday season is just around the corner, which means the most productive quarter of the year has begun. For any Shopify business owner, it’s the most important time of the year for exceeding sales goals. Now is the time to renew and prepare your affiliate marketing campaign for the frenzy of the holiday sales season. In this post, we’ll go through strategies to make the most of your affiliate marketing campaign throughout the peak purchase season.

Don’t miss the chance to grow your business to the next level and give your brand an extra boost this holiday season.

So let’s dive in!


Why leveraging affiliate marketing for the holiday sales season?

During this time, brands can leverage all kinds of channels, methods, and marketing strategies to boost sales. However, focusing on affiliate marketing will bring outstanding profits and results.

Why? Compared to other marketing types, this powerful yet inexpensive marketing type reap many remarkable benefits for your business such as:


  • Acquire target customers, diversify customer base

Affiliate marketing is way more friendly and organic, and also has a much higher chance of converting target customers compared to other marketing types, like direct advertising.

Those customers have a higher chance of buying your product since it’s suggested by their trusted affiliates. And within the limited holiday time, it creates a feeling of urgency to purchase promptly.

  • Sales rocketing remarkably

Consumers love holiday deals, particularly coupon code promotions, which means they are more likely to convert and spend more than the minimum necessary amount, resulting in your sales rocket.


  • Boost brand awareness

When a brand joins in an affiliate holiday, its logo is displayed in the promotional materials of the affiliate partner to a new audience. So your brand will be wide-known by many customers.

Surely you are awaiting the next part, how to run a successful affiliate campaign during the festive season.


How to run a successful affiliate campaign during the holiday season

Make an affiliate holiday plan

Heads up! It’s never early to arrange an affiliate plan for the holiday. You and your affiliates will be extremely busy during the holidays, and being organized is the best way to avoid missing a beat.

Schedule your promos for the entire sale period at least a few weeks ahead of time, and make a checklist to keep track of your efforts.

Getting your affiliate program in tip-top shape for the holidays by including these in your plan:


Determine affiliate marketing campaign goals: Set out the goal to see whether the holiday programs meet or surpass a target, whether it’s achieving a particular income level, converting visitors at a specific rate, or guaranteeing a certain proportion of orders.


Set a budget: to avoid falling on the latter budget, work to forecast the budget your affiliate program will need to accomplish the goals you’ve set. Whatever your goal is, having a clear budget can help you stay organized when it comes to where and how you spend your money in the affiliate channel.


The running time: Plan ahead of time how long each offer will run, when you’ll send it, and if you’ll employ time restrictions, how long you’ll set them.


Promotional strategy: the promotion type might dictate program optimization tactics used throughout the holiday. Don’t neglect it!


Review affiliate performance: Examine your stats from the previous Q4, and the program’s success in Q3 this year to assist you to plan for this year’s holiday season. So you can create a directed strategy based on this data to help steer your holiday plans in 2021.


Choose the most trusted affiliates and engage them

Once you’ve made up your mind on a promotional plan, it’s time to pick and engage your affiliates.

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone, and contacting new affiliates can be difficult during this time. While it’s vital to find some fantastic new affiliates  with specialty reach, don’t waste too much time and effort attempting to expand your reach into the niche that is already covered. The holidays are certainly hectic enough without wasting time searching for prospective influencers .

This could be a perfect time to look over your affiliate tool and overview affiliates’ performance. Then choose the most effective affiliates proving to bring more benefits for you.

A steady and seamless flow is more important at this time, and an affiliate marketer’s ability to stand out among the numerous competing holiday promotions will be more beneficial.

Then set aside time to communicate with your chosen affiliates and contact them through email as soon as possible to invite them to participate in your holiday sales drive.


Build affiliate programs with bonus incentives

Creating affiliate marketing programs with high commissions will encourage your affiliates to convert more sales for you this festive season.

Affiliates are still consumers appreciating receiving a reward for their efforts. With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to boost affiliate engagement and excitement.

Seasonal contests are an excellent way to motivate affiliates to go above and beyond. Top achievers can be rewarded with a bonus, the more they sell, the more commissions they get.

For example, on this Halloween, you can offer a 20% commission boost if your affiliates reach sales of 1000$, and offer an incentive of 30% commission rate if they help you reach 2000$ on total sales.

Commission rate on order value feature of UpPromote allows you to assign different values of commission rate to different levels of order value. So that you can set the commission rule easier.




Prepare your holiday product landing page in advance

Ensure to make a new look for your holiday product landing page with special offers.

A prop is to utilize your landing page to provide visitors with a sneak peek at forthcoming promotions. People will be able to sign up for updates and receive an email when new deals or discounts are made available.

On the website, you should include a timer or a countdown to let visitors know when the bargains will go live. This will improve the page’s attractiveness and increase visitor engagement.




Provide affiliates with holiday marketing materials

The next approach to help your affiliates succeed is to offer them banners and social media graphics to use in their promotions.

Having ready-to-use marketing materials that are tailored to the current season and campaign saves time and allows your affiliates to focus on promoting your product. It also ensures that their campaigns are in line with your overall brand and promotions.

Offering both default corporate visuals as well as seasonal and holiday material is a fantastic idea. This keeps things compelling and draws attention to limited-time offers.

Fortunately, UpPromote makes it simple for you to share holiday’s logos and banners.

Offering both “default” branded visuals (the ones you want affiliates to use all year) and seasonal and festive material is a smart idea. This keeps things interesting and draws attention to limited-time offers.


After-sales holiday season: check the results

This holiday season, affiliate marketers are putting their previous knowledge to push sales for you. During this period, it’s crucial to review your affiliate performance and overall affiliate promotion campaign to see what worked best for you and what needs to optimize.

All the data and metrics will be used for future campaigns and will provide you with useful insight into your affiliate marketing efforts.




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Can I ask a question? My problem is I cannot find affiliates. And can I set up Multi level marketing for my affiliates? For example, my affiliates invite their relatives and friends, and whenever thier friends sell an order, their friends will receive commission depended affiliate program, and the affiliates who invite them will receive a small commission too (maybe 5% or 10%). Because the affiliates is upline of thier friends. I hope you understand what I mean 🙂 Thank you 

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Hi @Huong_Giang,

This is UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing - We are the no.1 Affiliate marketing on Shopify app store. I am happy here to share some experience and suggestions for your online store. And I truly hope that they are useful and helpful for you in improving your sales performance. 


How to find affiliates for your business? Start with existing customers

Reaching out to your existing customers is the quickest and easiest approach to discover affiliates. Those who have utilized your products/ services, as long as they are happy with them, can be your greatest affiliate partners.

For example, you can approach your loyal customers first via direct messaging, suggesting that they refer their friends to you to receive a commission.

Or you can offer enticing signing up bonuses to encourage them to join after they have completed a purchase.

Individuals are more likely to be persuaded by people they know. This is referred to as word-of-mouth marketing.

Easily convert customers into affiliates with the UpPromote Post-purchase popup feature. By using this Shopify app feature, you can automatically turn your customers into affiliates at an eye blink.

After a consumer successfully puts an order on your Shopify store, a pop-up will appear on the thank you page which showcases your affiliate program and asks them to join.


Screenshot_2-1 (1).png


Use dedicated solution

Dedicated solutions bring together multiple media partners (affiliates) and advertisers, which can help you speed up the affiliate recruiting process. Many platforms provide a network with a list of trustworthy media partners.

UpPromote Marketplace is where to help you make things possible. It’s completely free.

Two ways you can do to find affiliates on UpPromote Marketplace:

Showcasing your program on the Marketplace so that affiliates can find if they are qualified and appropriate to apply to your program. This way is less proactive since you only list your program on the Marketplace and wait for them to apply.

Many merchants may prefer the second one, proactively find your potential partners with UpPromote. In this way, you’ll be provided access to a list of affiliate profiles from which you can select the ideal affiliates to invite directly to join your affiliate program.



Create an easy-to-find affiliate landing page

Having an affiliate landing page on your website showing that you are looking for affiliates. It doesn’t have to be too long, but it should clearly explain how the program works, how to apply, and what your terms and conditions are.

When potential affiliates look to see if you have a program, they generally look at the top and bottom menus on your website. In each of these menus, it’s advisable to add a link to your affiliate program website since it’s the most frequent location to link to your affiliate program’s information and sign-up page.

Etsy, one of the most popular global online marketplace, pushes its affiliate program at the bottom menu of its website.

You can make your affiliate program visible on your website with UpPromote: Affiliate MarketingThen the program will appear on your Shopify website like this.



Moreover, use strategic SEO to increase the possibility of being found on SERP. Not only make your program visible on your website but also optimize it for prominent niche and industry keywords. So that your potential affiliates can reach your program easier. 


How to set up Multi-level Marketing with UpPromote?

MLM is a way to let you - the affiliate to earn extra money by inviting others to join the system, thus, get credit in form of network commission for any successful referral your team brings. Whoever you invite will become your downline affiliate and you become the upline one.

With UpPromote , each affiliate can invite or recruit unlimited distributors and their network commission will be calculated on either program commission (commission of the affiliate who directly brought the order) or total sale with the percentage set by the merchant.

To get a clearer look about how MLM works within this app, you should take a look at this example:
image (1).png
For example, John signs up as an affiliate, then invites Victor, Victor invites Michelle and Michelle invites David.
If David brings a referral order with total amount is 1000$ and the commission percentage set to the affiliate program is 10%, then David (Original affiliate) will get that 10% total commission, other affiliates who are with higher levels will receive commission calculated on Program Commission. If you set:
Commission level 1 (Michelle who invites David) gets 5%,
Commission level 2 (Victor who invites Michelle) gets 5%,
Commission level 3 (John who invites Victor) gets 5%,
So basically, each affiliate can invite or recruit unlimited distributors and the network commission will be calculated on the commission of affiliate who directly brought the order (original affiliate) with percentage set by merchant.


I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you. If you are still looking for a marketing tool to boost your sales greatly, I hope you can try our product: UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing 

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