Struggling to convert sessions to sales/ Feedback needed

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Hello community,

I have had my website up and running for the past 3 months. So far I have been attracting sessions through facebook, insta, twitter and paid google ads and I am getting around 1000 visitors a month. Unfortunately out of them only around 0.1% converts into sales. I have done my fair bit of reading like most of you out there and I am running extra low on money having to pay these ads that don't create any turnover! I would really like some feedback, ANY idea and/or comment is welcomed!

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Hi Nick! Maggie, Shopify Partner here 🙂


Great niche and you are consistent with it throughout the store, which is excellent. I noticed your prices have very random structure - is it on purpose or do you use an automated app to convert the prices from a different currency? It might affect your conversion, as it feels like you are not consistent with your prices and are experimenting which one works best.


Also, some items are quite pricey. For example cotton tote bags, like this one: you can get in the UK for £5 max. You might have issues selling this bag to UK customers. It’s perfectly fine to target more up-market customers, but then you’d have to reflect it in your branding to connect with the customers searching for premium quality products. So that could also be an issue you’d have to work on: either the pricing [sourcing cheaper products] or upgrading your branding to target premium customer base.


Header area - I love the minimalist design - it suits your organic niche. Consider adding a different image at the top:

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 03.58.33.png


The one you currently have is ok, but it doesn’t jump out or create urgency prompting people to interact, click and shop. It’s recommended to have a strong content at the top - above the fold - in the area people see as soon as they land on your website.


Your conversion will improve if you added a more colorful photo here, perhaps showing a person wearing your attire. People engage more with images of other people - so you’d want to use an image that invites people to browse your collections, stay longer on your website and complete the purchase. Adding more engaging content first will also help you reduce the bounce rate, which will effectively improve your Google rank.


Your shipping page looks great and you have explained how your shipping works in a very user-friendly way. You also have free shipping on all orders info in the top bar. Not sure if you noticed that your product page has still got a default info “shipping calculated at the checkout”:Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 04.27.17.png


That might actually be confusing for the shoppers - should they expect last-minute shipping fee, or is shipping in fact free for all orders? It would be great to make it clear - if the shipping is always free, consider removing this line of the text from the product page template.


The product descriptions are also minimalist - you’ll see that people love detailed descriptions and appreciate the effort you’d put in describing each product. Make sure to really sell it to the visitor and help them visualize the benefits and the design. You can tell about the design, fabric colors, fit, stretch etc. Great, enticing product descriptions can significantly help you boost your sales.


Also, remember to use storytelling to convert visitors into buyers. Listing features no longer works as viable selling technique, you have to list the benefits the product will bring into the buyers lives’ in order to sell more than your competitors. This short video explains how storytelling can help you sell more.


Consider also optimizing your product page further by adding related products section. It will help you improve the customer journey [sales funnel] and the time spent on your website, which is a big Google ranking factor. It will also help you improve your sales - through cross-selling. You can add related products to your Shopify product template by following this simple video guide: how to add related products to your Shopify template [video].


You mentioned you have over 1000 visitors per month - which is about 30+ visitors per day. If they come only from FB ads, that definitely might not be enough to sustain profitable sales. If you are losing money on FB ads with no profit [they cost you more to run than your sales], than consider pausing them for now.


Facebook ads, while powerful, they can actually become a money pit if not scaled correctly. There are dozens of other, much cheaper, ways to drive traffic to your website.


You obviously would like to see your site start earning for itself and eventually bring you profit. The best way to start is to connect with your target audience organically. Join few eco-friendly discussion groups on Facebook, online forums, Quora and Reddit sub-forums and blogs. Establish your presence there and contribute to the conversations [don’t pitch].


When relevant, you can link to your website. For example, you could answer a question regarding a baby grow for allergic skin and recommend your natural products. People will be likely to visit your website and buy from you, as they’d be trusting your authority in the organic niche. Make sure to have steady traffic from this kind of platforms. The best thing is, that it’s free - it only takes an hour a day to maintain this kind of strategy.


A great, and powerful method that works best long-term, is to invest your time into creating a really helpful blog post on your website. If done correctly [targeting a very specific, low competition keyword and reviewing the topic sufficiently], this kind of article, within 6-12 months, will be sending you plenty of organic and relevant traffic passively. You won’t even have to work on getting traffic, it will be coming to your site, as Google will rank this article in the top results. It’s a long term strategy, that really works, so it’s worth setting it up now, while working on getting traffic more actively in the meantime.


Hope it helps, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


If you liked this website critique, and would like to request a review of your own store, please click here now:


Best regards,


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Dear Maggie,


Thank you so much for the detailed and very helpful comments. I really appreciate the time you took. We will definitely start working on the points you made and hope for the best! We are determined to make this work as it's for something we believe is a good cause and we are passionate about it!


Thank you again! 

Kind Regards,


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    Your store looks really great and your products look great too. The biggest challenge facing us as "ecommerce superstars" is over crowding and differentiation! How on earth are you going to stand out with millions of eco clothing products out there in the marketplace! Every potential customer of yours has litterally millions of product choices and hundreds of thousands of eco clothing options available to them, so the challenge is Standing Out From The Crowd! The Shopify platform is an incredible thing because it allows you to get ahead of 90% of competition by offering beautfully designed stores that are as powerful as the biggest brands in the world.  Take a look at the Free Narrative  or Boundless theme on the shopify theme store, this could work well. The next step is to think about the buyers journey when visiting your store. They need to land instore on an incredibly moving and inspiring homepage that instills the core messages of the brand and directs them products. Checkout for free / royalty free images - The homepage features most popular images which are great to browse for inspiration. 


Your Hero text and brand messaging needs to be incredibly bold and inspiring if you want attention. Helping you reduce your fashion footprint is great but it's needs to be strong enough to grab headlines. How about something along the lines of: "We're Changing The World, One Baby-Grow At A Time"  - Really think about the reasons people should "buy your products now" over the thousands of other options available online. You're currently offering Womens, Men's, Childrens & Accessories, it's going to be a tough task becoming a leading brand in all 4 areas, it would be great to niche-up and focus on ones section to streamline your marketing activities, the kids sections would be a good contender,


It's always worth reviewing your price point for no other reason than your own peace of mind. By offering your products at your most competitive price point, it'll drive your belief in your value proposition. It's much harder to sell your brand if you know your charging a little more than you should. Once your store looks beautiful, your messaging is inspiring and bold and your pricing is lean you can start to market your brand and it's all about defining your ideal customer and getting your brand in front of them. A thousand of the wrong visitors won't make a single sale, a million of the wrong visitors won't make a single sale but ten of your ideal customers might place ten orders, that's hypothetical but you need to live by that mindset when it comes to social media ads otherwise you'll go through cash like water. 


It's been really great talking to you and we hope we've given you some valuable ideas. If you'd like a review from top to bottom of your business then visit us at



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If Google Shopping is not working for you then either your bids are to high or your campaign structure is wrong. We have seen both of these reasons tank an account before we took over managing them for clients. Also make sure you use a lot of negative keywords in your account to help shift traffic around.

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