Struggling with SEO – Need Advice

Struggling with SEO – Need Advice

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Hi everyone,


I'm seeking help with the SEO for my website, Despite the site performing fairly well, organic traffic is non-existent. A bit about our site: we sell bikinis targeting women aged 20-50 in Europe. Our products are priced between €59 and €100.

Our revenue comes mostly from ads.


To be honest, we've put very little effort into improving our SEO so far, mainly because we're unsure what will help. I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations on why our search ranking is so poor and where to start to improve the situation. In the past, I paid someone on Fiverr who added a bunch of low-quality backlinks that I fear may be harming our ranking.


Thank you for your assistance!

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Hi @Matildabikini ,


I have reviewed the site and identified several improvements that can be made from an SEO perspective. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Add Meta Title and Description:

    • Meta title should be between 50–60 characters, including spaces.
    • Meta description should be between 50–160 characters.
  2. Add a Favicon:

    • This helps with brand recognition and improves the user experience.

  3. Optimize Your Page Title (H1):

    • H1 should be between 20–70 characters.


  4. Add Your Site to Google Search Console:

    • This provides valuable insights into your site's performance and helps with indexing and visibility.

If you require further help to optimize your store, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you find this information useful, a Like would be greatly appreciated. And if this solves the problem, please Mark it as Solution!


Best Regards,

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