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I currently use the subscriber function in my theme and Mailchimp.  But i have found by asking customers the mailchimp emails tend to go into the junk mail by almost 80% no matter what the email says.  I did some testing.

Does anyone else use a system or and app that can make this easier and more acceptable. It doesnt have to be by email either.

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Have you read this? I recommend reading it all.

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Hey guys! We were talking about this at our office today. One way to grow subscriber list is as follows:

What I advise most people now is not to require email confirmation unless you're working in a market that requires it, but do stop emailing people if they don't engage in email or if they bounce. 

This is a good protection against potential deliverability issues and can help to protect you and your ESP against bad email addresses. If you work in a market that requires email confirmation, then do it. Fines are bad news and no one wants to pay them!

Remember: Email marketers often find that email subscriptions increase when including a pre-checked box to receive the e-newsletter rather than an unchecked box.

Hope that helps! More on this on our blog if you want.

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