Substituting "product title" and other data For "Product Page" With OG tags in link preview

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I am trying to accomplish a link preview for my products that contain the following;

1.) The product image

1.) The store name 

2.) The title of the product

3.) The cost of the item

4.) A permalink that says "buy now" to the Item already cued up at checkout with a quantity of:1


So far all I have is the image and the store name with the word "product page" on my link previews. 


I have included a screen shot. My theme is minimal and my site is 



I have tried adjusting both liquid and meta in both the social-meta-tags.liquid and product-template.liquid files with no success. 


Could someone please point me in the right direction? 





link preview 3.png



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Hey Cope1984,

I'd recommend breaking this into two parts:

(1) Get Facebook's Sharing Debugger to show the right output

(2) Get the add-to-cart working

For (1), I notice that your product pages have invalid HTML. For example, there are three <html> tags and two <title> -- this is probably confusing Facebook.

For (2), I'd consider passing a query string parameter to your landing page. Then, the landing page can detect that URL and add the product to cart and advance to the checkout page.

Hope that helps!

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