Super Slow Page Loading Speed After Loading Product

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Hi guys 


I have created a store (one page store intended for dropshipping) - it only has a home page, a product page (as I could not get the reviews I wanted to appear on home page), and then check-out pages. I am using the theme Debut. I tested it when I first started and the speed loading time was good. Now since loading the product and working on the page the load speed is now "poor". 


- I have check photos are optimised 

- I have deleted apps one by one to see if they affect the loading speed 

- I started again (without the product loaded) and speeding load was better again (however as soon as I load it again it goes back to being terribly slow)


I have checked Google pagespeed and generated a report through that - however, it is all beyond my knowledge. In any case, it seems the product itself is the problem. However, all I have added is 4 pictures and descriptive text.


Does anyone have any suggestions? It is driving me MAD.


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This happens when you are in loop, Its because if you have any app related to loading some data with product on homepage and that is happening in the loop. check for the loop inside the where your product is getting called. 

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